Download GeoDa for Mac OSX

The download will begin immediately after clicking the link.

GeoDa 1.22

Alternative download links for users in China(中国):

Previous versions

Please note that you may get a warning message about this program coming from an unknown developer the first time you try to open it.

Use control-click and select open to open the program (instead of double click) and accept at the prompt. You will not be asked this again. However, in order for this to work, you need to set your Security & Privacy preferences to Mac App Store and identified developers; the default is Mac App store only, which will NOT WORK for GeoDa.




GeoDa 1.18

GeoDa 1.16

GeoDa 1.14

GeoDa 1.12

GeoDa 1.10

GeoDa 1.8

GeoDa 1.6


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