GeoDaSpace is stand-alone program based on PySAL's spatial econometrics code (spreg API). It is available for Windows and Mac OSX. The current release is an alpha release.

Models in GeoDaSpace

The following models that control for both spatial autocorrelation and heteroskedasticity are available in the GeoDaSpace alpha release based on these recent references :

• 2SLS
• GM/GMM spatial error
• GM/GMM spatial lag
• GM/GMM spatial lag and error

with options for:

• spatial and non-spatial diagnostics
• non-spatial endogenous variables
• heteroskedasticity/HAC 

and these spatial weights:

• contiguity
• distance (bands, knn, inverse distance)
• kernel


Graphical User Interface (GUI)

These model options can be selected through a graphical user interface after specifying a dataset, variables (Y, X, and if needed instruments (YE) and spatial regimes or subregions (H)):


Output Example

An example of GeoDaSpace's spatial regression results:


Spatial Weights Editor

This editor provides an overview of the properties of spatial weights:


Spatial Weights Map

Mousing over an area in the spatial weight map selects this area (orange) and its neighbors (green) as defined by the spatial weights matrix.


Preferences 1

The following screenshots illustrate the variety of preference options available in GeoDaSpace:


Preferences 2


Preferences 3


Preferences 4


Preferences 5



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Kelejian HH, Prucha IR (2007). “HAC Estimation in a Spatial Framework.” Journal of Econometrics, 140, 131–154.



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