About Us

The U.S. COVID-19 Atlas is a county-level clustering surveillance tool to provide quick access to county-level COVID-19 estimates, longitudinal exploration, and statistical cluster detection. It reveals a more detailed pandemic landscape with local hotspots of surging COVID cases that are missed by state-level data.

In addition to basic visualizations at county & state scales, the Atlas also provides statistical hotspots to support surveillance and decision-making that have helped a wide range of users, from rural health department officials to businesses across the country planning to re-open safely.

It was started in early March and launched less than two weeks later by the University of Chicago’s Center for Spatial Data Science (CSDS) based on its GeoDaWeb platform. A network of volunteers activated to contribute to its development, and the atlas has since expanded as a research coalition across multiple institutions.

Today, the US COVID Atlas Project is a coalition of research partners and contributors that have been integral to developing and expanding the Covid Atlas to meet the needs of health practitioners, planners, researchers, and the public, with support in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The project remains a free and opensource GIS platform, building on GeoDa libraries.


Marynia Kolak, MS, MFA, PhD (CSDS)
Assistant Director for Health Informatics,
Health Geographer, GIScientist

Xun Li, PhD (CSDS)
Assistant Director for Data Science & principal software engineer of GeoDa

Qinyun Lin, PhD (CSDS)
Postdoctoral Fellow specializing in causal inference, social network analysis & multi-level models

Development Team

Vidal Anguino, MS (CSDS)
Software Engineer

Dan Snow, MS (CSDS)
Software Engineer

Moksha Menghaney (CSDS)
Community Mapping Analyst

Ryan Wang (CSDS)
Summer Spatial Data Science Fellow
Data Analyst

Stephanie Yang (CSDS)
Summer Spatial Data Science Fellow
Data Engineer

Design & Communications Team

Akemi Hong
Principal, Studio Akemi

Toni Williams
Vice President, Burness

Cecilia Smith, MS, PhD
GIS and Maps Librarian,
Univesity of Chicago

Coalition Partners

Lawrence T. Brown, PhD (CHR&R)
Director of County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, Visiting Associate Professor in the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute

Marjorie Givens, PhD (CHR&R)
Associate Director,
Population Health Institute

Bin Yu, PhD (Berkeley)
Chancellor's Distinguished Professor, Principal of Yu Research Group, Departments of Statistics and EECS

Roger L. Chaufournier, MHSA
CEO of CSI Solutions

Kathy Reims, MD
CMO of CSI Solutions

Greg Wolverton, FHIMSS
CTO of CSI Solutions

Brian Yandell, PhD (UW-Madison)
Interim Director at the American Family
Insurance Data Science Institute, lead of
the UW-Madison COVID Data Science Team.

Steve Goldstein, PhD (UW-Madison)
Botany, Biostatistics
and Medical Informatics

Kevin Little, PhD
Principal, Informing Ecological Design, LLC


Julia Koschinsky (CSDS)
Executive Director of the Center for Spatial Data Science at the University of Chicago.

Luc Anselin (CSDS)
Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor of Sociology at the College, Director of the Center for Spatial Data Science, & a Senior Fellow at NORC.

John Steill (UW-Madison)
Computational Biologist
Morgridge Institute of Research

Steven Wangen (UW-Madison)
Assistant Scientist at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, and Data Scientist at the American Family Insurance Data Science Institute.

Erin Abbott (CSDS)
3rd year Environmental & Urban Studies major, Geographic Information Science minor, and Pre-health at the University of Chicago.

Karina Acosta Ordonez (CSDS)
PhD Student, Visiting Scholar

Sihan Mao (CSDS Alumni)
Senior Data & Policy Analyst, Department of Innovation & Performance, City of Pittsburgh

Arianna Israel
UX Engineer

Robert Martin
Software Engineer