Information about abandoned vehicles in Chicago, Illinois. Includes all open abandoned vehicle service complaints made to 311 since January 2011, and all requests completed since January 1 2011. Retrieved from the City of Chicago Data Portal on August 15 2016.

Variable Description
Creation Date Date that the complaint was made
Status Status of the request. Open or complete.
Completion Date Date the request was completed. Left blank if not completed.
Service Request Number Unique identifier for each service request.
Type of Service Request Abandoned Vehicle Complaint for all entries.
License Plate License plate number and sometimes a description (state, color). Some entries did not include a plate number.
Vehicle Make/Model The make of the vehicle. Many entries only included the make, not the model.
Vehicle Color Color of the vehicle
Current Activity Either place seven day sticker or FVI - Outcome
Most Recent Action The most recent action taken on this vehicle
How Many Days Has The Vehicle Been Reported as Parked? Number of days the vehicle has been reported as parked
Street Address Street Address where the vehicle was found
ZIP Code Five digit zip code corresponding to the address
X Coordinate X coordinate of the address
Y Coordinate Y coordinate of the address
Ward Aldermanic ward (1-50) corresponding to the address
Police District Police district (1-25) corresponding to the address
Community Area Community area (1-77) corresponding to the address
Latitude Latitude corresponding to address
Longitude Longitude corresponding to address
Location Coordinates of the location in format of (Latitude, Longitude)

Prepared by (Center for Spatial Data Science). Last updated July 10, 2017. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.