Socio-economic determinants of health in 2014 (a subset of the data used in Kolak et al. 2020) for census tracts in Chicago, IL.   Source: Kolak, Marynia, Jay Bhatt, Yoon Hong Park, Norma A. Padrón, and Ayrin Molefe. 2020. “Quantification of Neighborhood-Level Social Determinants of Health in the Continental United States.” JAMA Network Open 3 (1): e1919928–28.  

Overview of data

Variable Description
OBJECTID unique census tract identifier
Shape_Leng perimeter
Shape_Area area
TRACTCE10 tract FIPS code
geoid10 complete GEO ID code
commarea community area code
ChildPvt14 percent children in poverty (2014)
EP_CROWD percent crowded housing (2014)
EP_UNINSUR percent uninsured (2014)
EP_MINRTY percent minority (2014)
Ovr6514P percent population over 65 (2014)
EP_AGE17 percent children and youth < 18 (2014)
EP_DISABL percent with disability (2014)
EP_NOHSDP percent without high school (2014)
EP_LIMENG percent with limited English proficiency (2014)
EP_SNGPNT percent single parent households (2014)
Pov14 percent living in poverty (2014)
EP_PCI per capita income (2014)
Unemp14 unemployment rate (2014)
EP_NOVEH percent households without a vehicle (2014)
FORCLRISK foreclosure risk (2011)
HealthLit health literacy index (2014)
CarC14P percent commuting by car (2014)
CAR indicator variable more than 50 percent car commute
NOCAR indicator variable less than 50 percent car commute
CTA14P percent public transit commuter (2014)
CTA indicator variable more than 50 percent public transit commute
CmTm14 average commute time (in minutes, 2014)
Undr514P percent young children (under 5, 2014)
Wht14P percent white (2014)
WHT50PCT original white indicator variable
Wht new white indicator variable (>= 50 percent)
Blk14P percent black (2014)
BLCK50PCT original black indicator variable
Blk new black indicator variable (>=50 percent)
Hisp14P percent hispanic (2014)
HISP50PCT original hispanic indicator variable
Hisp new hispanic indicator variable (>= 50 percent)
Pop2014 population count (2014)
PDENS14 population density (2014)
MEANMI_07 supermarket cost distance in miles (2007)
MEANMI_11 supermarket cost distance in miles (2011)
MEANMI_14 supermarket cost distance in miles (2014)
FACHANGE change in distance 2014-07 (positive is closer)
PCCRIMERT15 property crime rate (2015)
VCRIMERT15 violent crime rate (2015)
ForclRt foreclosure rate (2014)
EP_MUNIT percent multi-unit housing (2014)
EP_GROUPQ institutionalized population (2014)
SchHP_MI distance to high performance school (2012)
BrownF_MI distance to nearest brownfield I(2012)

Prepared by (Center for Spatial Data Science). Last updated Oct 11, 2023. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.