Italy Banks Data Dictionary   Source: Algeri et al (2022). Spatial dependence in the technical efficiency of local banks. Papers in Regional Science 101, 385-416.   Italy_banks.shp – 261 points in UTM zone 32, no Sardinia or Elba  

Overview of data

Variable Description
Idd bank ID
BankName name of the bank
City city name
latitud latitude
longitud longitude
COORD_X coordinates from UTM
XKM coordinates in km (COORD_X/1000)
COORD_Y coordinates from UTM
YKM coordinates in km (COORD_Y/1000)
ID same ID for work purposes
IDN ID of nearest neighbor
distnn distance to nearest neighbor
REGCODE region code
REGNAME region name
PROVCODE province code
PROVNAME province name
COMCODE commune code
TE_IN_11 score_input_vrs_2011 to 2017: Farrel input-based technical efficiency using VRS
TE_OUT_11 score_output_vrs_2011 to 2017: Farrell output-based technical efficiency using VRS
CAPRAT11 totalcapitalratio2011: (Tier 1 Capital + Tier 2 Capital) / Risk weighted assets
Z_11/17 zscore12011: (ROA + Leverage)/ σ (ROA)
LIQASS_11/17 liq_ta_w2011: Liquid asset/ Total asset
NPLl_11/17 assetquality_w2011: Non- performing loans/ Total gross loans
LLP_11/17 allow_w2011: Loan loss provisions / Customer loans
INTR_11/17 inexptofunds_w2011: Interest expense/ Total funds
DEPO_11/17 deposit_ta_w2011: Total deposits/ Total asset
EQLN_11/17 equity_loan_w2011: Total equity/ Customer loan
SERV_11/17 service_w2011: Net interest income /Total operating revenues
EXPE_11/17 operexp_ta_w2011: Operating expenses / Total assets

Prepared by (Center for Spatial Data Science). Last updated Oct 11, 2023. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.