Home sales prices and characteristics for Seattle and King County, WA (May 2014 - 2015) and its corresponding shape file with the zip code zones for King County.

Source: House Sales in King County, USA. Predict house price using regression. The shape file with the zip code zones for King County was retrieved from King county GIS Open Data . Additional information of the variables descriptions can be found in King County Home Sales analysis.

King county housing file description:

Variable Description
id Identification
date Date sold
price Sale price
bedrooms Number of bedrooms
bathrooms Number of bathrooms
sqft_liv Size of living area in square feet
sqft_lot Size of the lot in square feet
floors Number of floors
waterfront ‘1’ if the property has a waterfront, ‘0’ if not.
view An index from 0 to 4 of how good the view of the property was
condition Condition of the house, ranked from 1 to 5
grade Classification by construction quality which refers to the types of materials used and the quality of workmanship. Buildings of better quality (higher grade) cost more to build per unit of measure and command higher value. Additional information in: KingCounty
sqft_above Square feet above ground
sqft_basmt Square feet below ground
yr_built Year built
yr_renov Year renovated. ‘0’ if never renovated
zipcode 5 digit zip code
lat Latitude
long Longitude
squft_liv15 Average size of interior housing living space for the closest 15 houses, in square feet
squft_lot15 Average size of land lots for the closest 15 houses, in square feet
Shape_leng Polygon length in meters
Shape_Area Polygon area in meters

King county zones file description:

Variable Description
ZIP Zip code
COUNTY County code
ZIP_TYPE Zip code type: standard or PO box
Shape_Leng Polygon length
Shape_Area Polygon area

Prepared by the Center for Spatial Data Science. August 14, 2020. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.