House sales price and characteristics for a spatial hedonic regression, Baltimore, MD 1978.

Data overview

Variable Description
STATION ID variable
PRICE Sales price of house in $1,000 (MLS)
NROOM Number of rooms
DWELL 1 if detached unit, 0 otherwise
NBATH Number of bathrooms
PATIO 1 if patio, 0 otherwise
FIREPL 1 if fireplace, 0 otherwise
AC 1 if air conditioning, 0 otherwise
BMENT 1 if basement, 0 otherwise
NSTOR Number of stores
GAR Number of car spaces in garage (0 = no garage)
AGE Age of dwelling in years
CITCOU 1 if dwelling is in Baltimore County, 0 otherwise
LOTSZ Lot size in hundreds of square feet
SQFT Interior living space in hundreds of square feet
X X coordinate on the Maryland grid
Y Y coordinate on the Maryland grid

Source Original data made available by Robin Dubin, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Research University, Cleveland, OH, Email.

Reference Dubin, Robin A. (1992). Spatial autocorrelation and neighborhood quality. Regional Science and Urban Economics 22(3), 433-452.

Prepared by Luc Anselin. UChicago Center for Spatial Data Science. Last updated July 10, 2017. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.