Crime, housing and income data for 49 neighborhoods in Columbus, OH, 1980. Textbook example.

Data overview

Variable Description
AREA Neighborhood area (computed by ArcView)
PERIMETER Neighborhood perimeter (computed by ArcView)
COLUMBUS_ Internal polygon ID (generated by ArcView)
COLUMBUS_I Internal polygon ID (geneated by ArcView)
POLYID Neighborhood ID, used in GeoDa User’s Guide and tutorials
NEIG Neighborhood ID, used in Spatial Econometrics examples
HOVAL Housing value (in $1,000)
INC Household income (in $1,000)
CRIME Residential burglaries and vehicle thefts per 1000 households
OPEN Open space (area)
PLUMB Percentage of housing units without plumbing
DISCBD Distance to CBD
X Centroid x coordinate (in arbitrary digitizing units)
Y Centroid y coordinate (in arbitrary digitizing units)
NSA North-south indicator variable (North = 1)
NSB Other north-south indicator variable (North = 1)
EW East-west indicator variable (East = 1)
CP Core-periphery indicator variable (Core = 1)
THOUS Constant (= 1000)
NEIGNO Another neighborhood ID variable (NEIG + 1000)


Anselin, Luc (1988). Spatial Econometrics. Boston, Kluwer Academic, Table 12.1, p. 189.

Prepared by Luc Anselin. Last updated June 16, 2003. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.