Demographics and housing characteristics of Denver neighborhoods (2010). Source: Denver data portal.

Variable Explanation
NBRHD_ID Neighborhood ID
NBRHD_NAME Neighborhood name
POPULATION Population in 2010
HISPANIC_2010 Hispanic population in 2010
WHITE_2010 White population in 2010
BLACK_2010 Black population in 2010
NATIVEAM_2010 Native American population in 2010
ASIAN_2010 Asian population in 2010
HAWPACIS_2010 Hawaiian Pacific population in 2010
OTHER_2010 Other race population in 2010
TWO_OR_MOR Population two or more races in 2010
PCT_HISPAN Hispanic as percentage of total population
PCT_WHITE White as percentage of total population
PCT_BLACK Black as percentage of total population
PCT_AMERIN American Indian as percentage of total population
PCT_ASIAN Asian as percentage of total population
PCT_HAW_PA Hawaiian Pacific as percentage of total population
PCT_OTHER Other race as percentage of total population
PCT_TWO_OR Two or more races as percentage of total population
MALE Male population
FEMALE Female population
AGEX_Y Population by age group. From X to Y
PCT_LESS_1 Percentage of population under 1 year of age
PCT_65_PLUS Percentage of population over 65 years of age
NUM_HOUSEH Number of households
ONE_PERSON Number of households with one member
TWO_PLUS Number of households with more than two members
FAMILY_HHL Number of family households
HUSB_WIFE Number of households with husband/wife head type
OTHER_FAMI Number of households non-husband/wife head type
MALE_SINGLE Number of households male-single head type
FEMAL_SING Number of households female-single head type
NON_FAMILY Family households by household head type
POP_QUAR Population in group quarters
GQ_INSTITU Residents of group quarters: institutional (correctional, nursing, etc.)
GQ_NONINST Residents of group quarters: and non-institutional (military, college, etc.)
HOUSING_UN Number of housing units
OCCUPIED_H Number of occupied housing units
VACANT_HU Number of vacant housing units
HU_OWNED Number of owner-occupied housing units
HU_RENTED Number of renter-occupied housing units

Prepared by Leith McIndewar. Last updated July 10, 2017. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.