Homicides and selected socio-economic characteristics for counties surrounding Houston, TX. Data aggregated for three time periods: 1979-84 (steady decline in homicides), 1984-88 (stable period), and 1988-93 (steady increase in homicides).


S. Messner, L. Anselin, D. Hawkins, G. Deane, S. Tolnay, R. Baller (2000). An Atlas of the Spatial Patterning of County-Level Homicide, 1960-1990. Pittsburgh, PA, National Consortium on Violence Research (NCOVR).

Variable Description
NAME County name
STATE_NAME State name
STATE_FIPS State FIPS code (character)
CNTY_FIPS County FIPS code (character)
FIPS Combined state and county FIPS code (character)
STFIPS State FIPS code (number)
COFIPS County FIPS code (number)
FIPSNO Combined state and county FIPS code (number)
HR8187 Homicide rate per 100,000 (1981-87)
HR8791 Homicide rate per 100,000 (1987-91)
HR9195 Homicide rate per 100,000 (1991-95)
HC8187 Homicide count (1981-87)
HC8791 Homicide count (1987-91)
HC9195 Homicide count (1991-95)
PO8187 Population total (1981-87)
PO8791 Population total (1987-91)
PO9195 Population total (1991-95)
PE77 Police expenditures per capita, 1977
PE82 Police expenditures per capita, 1982
PE87 Police expenditures per capita, 1987
RDAC80 Resource deprivation/affluence composite variable, 1980
RDAC85 Resource deprivation/affluence composite variable, 1985
RDAC90 Resource deprivation/affluence composite variable, 1990

Prepared by Luc Anselin. Last updated September 10, 2004. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.