Normalized Difference Vegetation Index Grid: A subset of 7 by 7 square raster grids with 10 arcminute spacing roughly situated around the border between the Central African Republic, Sudan and Congo, drawn from the NOAA 1990 Global Change Database.

ndvi.dbf: Data file to join with base grid map

grid77.shp/shx/dbf: Base grid map 7 x 7

ndvigrid.shp/shx/dbf: Grid with data

Source: Anselin, L. (1993). Discrete spatial autoregressive models. In M. Goodchild, B. Parks and L. Steyaert (Eds.), Environmental Modeling with GIS, pp. 454-469. New York: Oxford University Press. Table 46.2 on p. 455.

Variable Description
PolyID Grid cell identifier
Perimeter Perimeter
GREEN Greenness vegetation index, based on AVHRR
TEMP Temperature in 1/10 degree celsius
ELEV Elevation in meters
PREC Precipitation (mm per year)

Prepared by Luc Anselin. Last updated June 3, 2004. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.