Contains development-related data for 75 districts in Nepal. Documentation for original data: AidData (1997-2014 with most projects from 2007-14) and Open Nepal

Variable name Description Source
id Unique id  
name_1 Nepalese region  
name_2 Nepalese zone  
district Nepalese district  
DepEcProv Deprivation in economic provisioning Open Nepal
PovIndex Human Poverty Index Open Nepal
PCInc Per Capita Income Open Nepal
PCIncPPP Per Capita Income PPP Open Nepal
PCIncMP Per capita income, Rs. at market price Open Nepal
MalKids Percentage of children under age five who are malnourished Open Nepal
Lif40 Percentage of People not expected to survive age 40 Open Nepal
NoSafH20 Percentage without safe water Open Nepal
Population Population Open Nepal
BoyG1_5 Number of Boys Enrolled in Grade 1-5 (2012-2013) Open Nepal
GirlG1_5 Number of Girls Enrolled in Grade 1-5 (2012-2013) Open Nepal
KIDS1_5 Number of Children Enrolled in Grade 1-5 (2012-2013) Open Nepal
SchoolCnt Number of Schools (2012-2013) Open Nepal
SCHLPKID Number of Schools per child (in thousands) (2012-2013) Open Nepal
SCHLPPOP Number of Schools per population (in thousands) (2012-2013) Open Nepal
AD_ILLIT Adult illiteracy rate (2011) Open Nepal
AD_ILGT50 Dummy variable with value of 1 if adult illiteracy rate >50% (2011) Open Nepal
VotNum Number of Voters (lunar years 2047-2063, approx. 1991 to 2006) Open Nepal
lon Lingitude  
lat Latitude  
xxCAMT* Project Sector Committed Amount: xx = sector  
xxDAMT* Project Sector Distributed Amount by sector xx  

Sectors description: Agriculture (AG), Business Banking (BANK), Communication (COMM), Conflict Resolution (CON), Education (EDU), Energy (ENGY), Environment (ENV), Forestry (FOR), Government and Civil Society (GOV), Health (HEALT), Humanitarian Aid (HUM), Industry (IND), Multi-Sector (MUL), Social Infrastructure (SOC), Tourism (TOUR), Transport and Storage (TRAN), Water Sanitation (WAT), Total (TOT).

Prepared by (Center for Spatial Data Science). Last updated July 10, 2017. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.