Police expenditures, crime and socio-economic characteristics for Mississippi counties, 1982.


Original data made available by Harry Kelejian, Department of Economics, University of Maryland, College Park, MD,

Reference Kelejian, H.H. and D.P. Robinson (1992). Spatial autocorrelation: a new computationally simple test with application to per capita county police expenditures. Regional Science and Urban Economics 22 (3), 317-331.

Variable Description
AREA County polygon area (computed by ArcView)
PERIMETER County polygon perimeter (computed by ArcView)
CNTY_ County internal ID
NAME County name
STATE_NAME State name
STATE_FIPS FIPS code for state (character)
CNTY_FIPS FIPS code for county (character)
FIPS Complete FIPS code, state combined with county (character)
FIPSNO FIPS code (numeric)
POLICE Police expenditures per capita, 1982 (dollars per person)
POP County population, 1982
TAX Total taxes per capita, 1982 (dollars per person)
TRANSFER State and federal revenues per capita, 1982 (1,000 dollars per person)
INC Personal income per county resident, 1982 (dollars per person)
CRIME Number of serious crimes per 100,000 residents, 1981
UNEMP Percent unemployed in 1980
OWN Percent owner-occupied housing units, 1980
COLLEGE Percent county residents that attended college, 1980
WHITE Percent county residents that are white, 1980
COMMUTE Percent county workers that commuted outside county, 1980

Prepared by Luc Anselin. Last updated September 30, 2003. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.