Male lip cancer cases in Scottish districts 1975-80 and male population years at risk.

scotdistricts.txt: ASCII boundary files in GeoDa format (scotdistricts*.txt working versions, only final counts)

scotlipdata.dbf: Dbf file with actual data (needed to join with base map)

scotdistricts.dbf/shp/shx: Shape file created from scotdistricts.txt 

scotlip.dbf/shp/shx: Shape file created by joining scotdistricts with scotlipdata

Source: Original from Clayton, D., and Kaldor, J. (1987). Empirical Bayes estimates of age standardised relative risks for use in disease mapping. Biometrics, 43,671-681, reproduced from Cressie, N. A. C. (1993). Statistics for Spatial Data. New York: John Wiley & Sons, p. 537 Table 7.2.

Expected cases and percent of population in outdoor industry AFF (agriculture, fishing, forestry) from Lawson et al. (1999). Disease Mapping and Risk Assessment for Public Health. New York: Wiley, pp. 68-69, Table 5.1.

Base map from included with WinBugs, exported to S-Plus format and edited (conversion to GeoDa input format, elimination of duplicate coordinates and editing of sliver polygons); islands with multiple polygons represented by a single polygon.

Variable Description
CODENO Code converted to numeric (drop w prefix)
AREA District polygon area
PERIMETER District polygon perimeter
DISTRICT District number 1-56
NAME Name of districts from Cressie (1993)
CODE District code from WinBugs
CANCER Lip cancer cases from Cressie (1993)
POP Population years at risk from Cressie (1993)
CEXP Expected cases from Lawson et al. (1999)
AFF Outdoor industry from Lawson et al. (1999)

Prepared by Luc Anselin. Last updated June 3, 2004. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.