Sudden Infant Death Syndrome sample data for North Carolina counties, two time periods (1974-78 and 1979-84). Same as SIDS data set, except that the computed rates are included.


Cressie, Noel (1993). Statistics for Spatial Data. New York, Wiley, pp. 386-389. Rates computed.

Variable Description
AREA County area (computed by ArcView)
PERIMETER County perimeter (computed by ArcView)
CNTY_ID County internal ID
NAME County name
FIPS County fips code, as character (state code + county code)
FIPSNO County fips code, numeric, used in GeoDa User’s Guide and tutorials
CRESS_ID County ID used by Cressie (1993)
BIR74 Live births, 1974-78
SID74 SIDS deaths, 1974-78
NWBIR74 Non-white births, 1974-78
BIR79 Live births, 1979-84
SID79 SIDS deaths, 1979-84
NWBIR79 Non-white births, 1979-84
SIDR74 SIDS death rate per 1,000 (1974-78)
SIDR79 SIDS death rate per 1,000 (1979-84)
NWR74 Non-white birth rate (non-white per 1000 births), 1974-78
NWR79 Non-white birth rate (non-white per 1000 births), 1979-84

Prepared by Luc Anselin. Last updated June 16, 2003. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.