Crime and socio-demographic data for the Clifton, Walnut Hills, Evanston, and Avondale neighborhoods in Cincinnati, OH for the last 6 months of 2008. From Grubesic, T, R. Wei and A. Murray (2014). Spatial clustering overview and comparison: accuracy, sensitivity and computational expense. Annals, Association of American Geographers 104, 1134-1156.

Variable Description
ID Polygon ID
AREA Polygon area
BLOCK Census block ID
BG Census block group ID
TRACT Census tract ID
COUNTY 5 digit code for the county (Hamilton County, Ohio). Not to be confused with zip code
MSA Metropolitan statistical area ID
POPULATION Population on the block
MALE, FEMALE Population on the block broken down by gender
AGE_X_Y Population on the block broken down by age (From X to Y)
MEDIAN_AGE Median age on the block
AGE_X Population aged X and over
MALE_X Male population aged X and over
FEMALE_X Female population aged X and over
F1_RACE Number of people who marked a race on the survey
WHITE White population
BLACK Black population
AMINDIAN American Indian population
ASIAN Asian population
HAWAIIAN Hawaiian population
OTHER_RACE Population self-identified as other race (non white, black, asian or hawaiian)
F2_RACES Number of people who did not mark any race on the survey
AP_WHITE Adjusted white population
AP_BLACK Adjusted black population
AP_AMINDIA Adjusted American Indian population
AP_ASIAN Adjusted Asian population
AP_HAWAIIA Adjusted Hawaiian population
AP_OTHER Adjusted other-race population
AP_HISPANI, NOT_HISPAN Population breakdown by Hispanic and Non-Hispanic
NH_WHITE Non-Hispanic white population
IN_HOUSEHO Population living in households
GROUP_QUAR Population living in group quarters instead of traditional households
GQ_INSTU, GQ_NONINST Institutional population
GQ_INSTU, GQ_NONINST Non-institutional population
HOUSEHOLDS Number of households
HH_FAMILY Number of family households
HH_NONFAMI Number of non family households
AVG_HHSIZE Average household size
AVG_FAMSIZ Average family size
HSNG_UNITS Number of housing units
HU_OCCUPIE }{ Number of housing units occupied
HU_VACANT Number of housing units vacant
OCCHU_OWNE Occupied housing units (owner occupied)
OCCHU_RENT Occupied housing units (renter occupied)
OWNER_SIZE Average household size of owner occupied housing units
RENTER_SIZ Average household size of renter occupied housing units
DENSITY Population density
BURGLARY Counts of burglary
ASSAULT Counts of assault
THEFT Counts of theft
BURG_D Burglary dummy: ‘1’ if there is at least 1 incident, ‘0’ otherwise
ASSALT_D Assault dummy: ‘1’ if there is at least 1 incident, ‘0’ otherwise
THEFT_D Theft dummy: ‘1’ if there is at least 1 incident, ‘0’ otherwise

Prepared by (Center for Spatial Data Science) Last updated July 6, 2017. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.