This dataset combines the [deaths_by_bldg](( and the 8 pumps data from John Snow’s 1855 Broad St map. The dataset contains 48 polygons which represent six rings that progress in 10-meter increments from each of the 8 pumps (see deaths_by_8rings). Its variables include an ID for the rings and for the pumps, respectively, the coordinates of the pumps, the cholera death count per ring and the distance from each ring to the closest pump, the area of each ring, and the density of deaths in each ring.

The documentation is available at:


The Geoda script is available at:


Overview of data

Variable Description
ID Unique ID
pump_ID ID of corresponding pump
x X coordinates (in meters)
y Y coordinates (in meters)
dist Distance to pump (in meters)
deaths Number of deaths per ring
area Ring area in square meters
deathsden deaths / area

Prepared by Center for Spatial Data Science. Last updated March 9, 2023. Data provided “as is,” no warranties.