pygeoda.local_joincount(w, data, **kwargs)[source]

Local Join Count Statistics

The function to apply local Join Count statistics.

  • w (Weight) – An instance of Weight class.

  • data (tuple/list/pandas.Series) – A list of numeric values of selected variable

  • undefs (list, optional) – A list of boolean values to indicate which value is undefined or null

  • permutations (int, optional) – The number of permutations for the LISA computation

  • permutation_method (str, optional) – The permutation method used for the LISA computation. Options are {‘complete’, ‘lookup-table’}. Default is ‘complete’.

  • significance_cutoff (float, optional) – A cutoff value for significance p-values to filter not-significant clusters

  • cpu_threads (int, optional) – The number of cpu threads used for parallel LISA computation

  • seed (int, optional) – The seed for random number generator


An instance of lisa class.

Return type