GeoDa Workbook

Luc Anselin is currently working on a book version of this workbook for GeoDa. The documentation below will no longer be maintained. The relevant alternative references are these two volumes of the book:

L. Anselin (2024a). An Introduction to Spatial Data Science with GeoDa. Volume 1: Exploring Spatial Data. CRC/Chapman&Hall, Boca Raton, FL. Online version.

L. Anselin (2024b). An Introduction to Spatial Data Science with GeoDa. Volume 2: Clustering Spatial Data. CRC/Chapman&Hall, Boca Raton, FL. Online version.

Spatial Data Wrangling (1) - Basic Operations

Spatial Data Wrangling (2) - GIS Operations

Spatial Data Wrangling (3) - Practice

Basic Mapping

Rate Mapping

Exploratory Data Analysis (1) - Univariate and Bivariate Analysis

Exploratory Data Analysis (2) - Multivariate Exploration

Space-Time Exploration

Contiguity-Based Spatial Weights

Distance-Based Spatial Weights

Spatial Weights as Distance Functions

Applications of Spatial Weights

Global Spatial Autocorrelation (1) - Moran Scatter Plot and Correlogram

Global Spatial Autocorrelation (2) - Bivariate, Differential and EB

Local Spatial Autocorrelation (1) - LISA and Local Moran

Local Spatial Autocorrelation (2) - Other Local Spatial Autocorrelation Statistics

Local Spatial Autocorrelation (3) - Multivariate Local Spatial Autocorrelation

Local Spatial Autocorrelation (4) - LISA for Discrete Variables

Density-Based Clustering Methods

Dimension Reduction Methods (1) - Principal Component Analysis (PCA)

Dimension Reduction Methods (2) - Distance Preserving Methods

Cluster Analysis (1) - K-Means Clustering

Cluster Analysis (2) - Hierarchical Clustering Methods

Cluster Analysis (3) - Advanced Clustering Methods

Spatial Clustering (1) - Spatializing Classic Clustering Methods

Spatial Clustering (2) - Spatially Constrained Clustering, Hierarchical Methods

Spatial Clustering (3) - Spatially Constrained Clustering, Partitioning Methods

Overview of Functionality - Latest Version of GeoDa (1.20)

In addition, these resources give an overview of some of the new functionality in GeoDa 1.10+:

Installing GeoDa and a Quick Tour of GeoDa's Functionality

Overview, Getting Started, Geovisualization, Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis

Spatial Weights, Spatial Autocorrelation, Space-Time Exploration, Averages Tool, Spatial Regression

• On local multivariate cluster functionality (new as of GeoDa 1.10). Luc Anselin. (2017). A Local Indicator of Multivariate Spatial Association: Extending Geary's c. Working Paper: Center for Spatial Data Science, University of Chicago.(forthcoming, Geographical Analysis)

• Non-spatial cluster functionality (new as of GeoDa 1.10). Hoon, Michiel de, Seiya Imoto, Satoru Miyano. (2013). The C Clustering Library. The University of Tokyo, Institute of Medical Science, Human Genome Center.

Spatial Data Formats Supported in GeoDa

GeoDa now supports not only shapefiles but many other spatial data formats. Find more information, including setup instructions about these data formats here.

Spatial Regression User's Guide (Book)

The user's guide to the spatial regression functionality in GeoDa can be purchased here:

Luc Anselin and Sergio J. Rey. (2014). Modern Spatial Econometrics in Practice: A Guide to GeoDa, GeoDaSpace and PySAL.

Older Resources (2003-05)- Legacy GeoDa 0.95i

This workbook (2005) and the two documentation reports (2003) were developed for the Legacy version of GeoDa (0.9.5i) and is still useful for understanding the main functionality. However, many of the screenshots and menu options have been updated since. Here is a 1-page overview of GeoDa 1.8's functionality with references to the workbook chapters.

Exploring Spatial Data with GeoDa: A Workbook (2005; 244 pp.,5.1Mb)

GeoDa 0.9.3 User's Guide with overview of features (2003; 125 pp., 2.4Mb)
GeoDa 0.9.5-i Release Notes with overview of 3D scatter plot, conditional plots, and spatial regression (2003; 64 pp., 1.5Mb)

Sample Data and Background Videos for Tutorials

Access the sample data referenced in the documentation and find free online videos about spatial analytics here.

Algorithms Implemented in GeoDa

Here is a list of references of algorithms implemented in Geoda.